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About Us

Rig Master was born back in 1986 this website opened in March 2008.

For many years we have been making Fishing Rigs for Pro/Commercial Fisherman, Charter Boats, Fishing Clubs and all our Fish'o mates.
We have always been searching for high quality materials at a good price to build our Fishing Rigs from.
The only way to do this was to purchase from wholesalers or importers as the manufacturers MOQ (minimum order quantities) was way out of our reach. 

The birth of Rig Master Tackle website was the next big step for us.
An outlet to sell our Rigs and some of our materials (Hooks, Swivels, Leader and so on) so we could afford to purchase these MOQ from the manufactures and to give our website Members the opportunity to purchase the best gear at way less then you could anywhere else and to build a community of fisherpersons.
In a very short time it has grown from a site that sold Fishing Rigs and a few swivels and Hooks in to an online Tackle Shop.
We are striving to make this website the very best place there is to purchase the very best quality tackle at the very lowest possible prices.
Please get onboard as the more members we have the more we can purchase in larger quantities and lower the prices will become. Yes prices going down it’s hard to believe. The prices of our Rigs will also be dropping soon and we constantly working on new products.
I know it sound too good to be true. It’s already happening; new shipments are on the way and arriving all the time.
We send out emails to all members as soon as new products arrive and monthly newsletters letting all members know what we are currently working on.
The game has changed for ever...... now fisherman & fisherwomen can get a fair go and purchase premium quality gear at less than the tackle shops pay and delivered fast to your door.
The grand plan is to purchase most all products direct from the manufactures by passing importers, distributor, wholesalers, sales reps and even retail. The "middle men" all get a cut and the poor consumers pay through the nose. NOT ANY MORE.
It now goes manufacturer to us to you. 
The site has a hell of alot of work still to be done.
We currently have very low stock levels on many items are completely out of others, missing pictures and poor grammar and typo’s all over the site.
Sorry for this we are humble Aussie fisherpersons… stick by us we are working very hard too rectify this.
Get on board

Our values: 
First we are fisherman, not greedy importers trying to make a quick dollar.
We are in this for the long haul.

We test and back all our products 100%.
We answers all questions quickly.
Source products members ask for.
Pack all orders with great care.
Process orders as quickly as we can.
We will always keep our postage cost as low as possible and free if we can.
If there is a problem we fix it.

Fishing is our Passion



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